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prototypes, jams, and collaborations

Gyro Gents

Dandy Aerial Croquet for the Gentry

Take to the skies in this aerial sports game for 1-4 players. Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 36.

Gyro Gents Screen

Vine Runners

Twist, weave, and intertwine with your friends

A local multiplayer game made for Ludum Dare 34. Snake/Tron Cycles meets smooth minimal graphics and level design.

Vine Runners Screen


Grab Your Friends and Dodge Some Ancient Rituals

A local multiplayer game made for Global Game Jam 2016 with Blake Grotewold. Human Tetris meets local multiplayer.

Stonehenge Screen

Kid Kozmik

Kollect krystals, Kancel the Kolor Korruption.

A puzzle platformer in which you must restore color to the universe. Made for Proc Jam 2015. Features procedurally generated color palettes.

Kid Kozmik Screen


Oil Wrestling Simulator

A local multiplayer game made for Ludum Dare 32. We are developing it into a fuller game as a side project, but in the meantime the free original version can still be played for free.

BodySlam! Screen

Ship It! Arcade Edition

Arcade Installation Sim

A strategy game in which you'll be given a randomly generated arcade box and have to decide the most profitable region to install it in. Made with Will and Nathan of Studio Cypher for the IndiesVsGamers jam hosted on Game Jolt.

Ship It! Screen